Udemy - Learn 3D Animation - The Ultimate Blender Guide

Udemy - Learn 3D Animation - The Ultimate Blender Guide

  • کاربرد : آموزش مدل سازی سه بعدی با Blender برای بازی های Unity
  • نوع فایل : فیلم آموزشی
  • زبان : انگلیسی
  • سیستم عامل : Windows-Mac-Linux-Android-iOS
  • تولید کننده : Udemy
  • سال تولید : 2019


این دوره مدل سازی سه بعدی را با Blender برای بازی های Unity آموزش می دهد. در این ویدئو نحوه استفاده از Blender ، ساخت انیمیشن ، نحوه توسعه پلتفرم ، بهبود مهارت های برنامه نویسی و توسعه بازی های ویدئویی را می آموزید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Udemy است.

سرفصل های دوره:

کار با Mac
کار با ابزارها و ویژگی ها
کار با Blender
نحوه نصب و راه اندازی Blender
نحوه انتخاب اشیا
نحوه حذف اشیا
نحوه افزودن Mesh
بررسی کنترل های اولیه
نحوه چرخش اشیا
کار با حلقه ها
کار با ابزار Knife
کار با ابزار سه بعدی
کار با ابزار Bevel
کار با داده های Boolean
شبکه چیست؟
نحوه طراحی نرده ها و دیوارها
نحوه طراحی پل
نحوه طراحی بشکه
طراحی فضای داخلی
نحوه طراحی دیوارها، پنجره ها
نحوه ساخت انیمیشن
کار با جداول
نحوه تست و اشکال زدایی برنامه


Learn the A-Z's that you need to be able to create amazing 3D art and animations with the popular 3D art program, "Blender."

Beginner to the world of 3D? No problem! In this course we go from A-Z, from the basics to the more advanced of 3D creation. This course is project based so we will be using the skills we learn along the way to create some awesome artwork and animations. On top of that, we're going to have fun and end each video in a positive way that will leave us ready for whatever Blender or life throws at us!

Learn The Art of 3D From The Very Basics to The More Advanced

- We Start With the Fundamentals of 3D and Animation, Work Our Way Through the Ins and Outs of Blender Creating Projects Along the Way As We Learn & We Finish With Making A Full Blown Animation!

-Become Confident With Navigating and Creating Within Blender and All the Different Tools Used Along the Way!

- Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Very First Cartoon Character

- Animate Your Character For A Finished Product

-End With The Confidence and Know How to Be Able to Create Your Own Projects and Animations From Just An Idea to Finished Product

The Power to Create in the Palm of Your Hands

-Use the skills you learn to then create your own artwork and animations

-Learn and follow along with the workflow of a complete animation from A-Z

-Finish the course with your very own animations and work of art that you can be proud of

-Lifetime access!

Learning the basics and more advanced aspects of 3D creation gives you a useful and powerful skill. Blender is a free and powerful program.

3D arts is becoming more and more popular with demands in production studios and freelance work. With the fundamentals in your toolbox, you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to create some amazing artwork

Content And Overview

This course contains over 100 lectures and is designed for anyone who wants to learn the art of 3D graphics, regardless of if you have any experience or not.

In this course, you will learn the skills of 3D art which will enable you to create your very own 3D artwork.

You will learn by working through projects that will help you to master the art of 3D and come out of it with some awesome work of your own!

Who this course is for:
This Blender 3D arts course is for anyone who has a desire to learn the arts of 3D who might not know anything or just a little bit about the subject but would like to dive in more and come out competent with creating 3D artwork and animations
This course is not for someone who already knows all the ins and outs of Blender
اگر شما نسبت به این اثر یا عنوان محق هستید، لطفا از طریق "بخش تماس با ما" با ما تماس بگیرید و برای اطلاعات بیشتر، صفحه قوانین و مقررات را مطالعه نمایید.

دیدگاه کاربران

لطفا در این قسمت فقط نظر شخصی در مورد این عنوان را وارد نمایید و در صورتیکه مشکلی با دانلود یا استفاده از این فایل دارید در صفحه کاربری تیکت ثبت کنید.