Toon Boom Studio v6.0 MAC OSX

Toon Boom Studio v6.0 MAC OSX

  • نسخه :Version 6
  • نوع فایل : نرم افزار
  • زبان : انگلیسی
  • سیستم عامل : MAC OSX
  • تولید کننده : Toon Boom Animation
  • سال تولید : 2014


Toon Boom Studio is the leading animation software solution for individuals to easily create rich, eye-catching animations for video, websites, television, film, games, mobile devices, e-learning applications, and more.Users can easily build animations digitally, traditionally or the cut-out way by selecting artworks from existing libraries and animating them using motion paths. Toon Boom Studio\’s intuitive user interface and advanced animation keyframing, asset reuse and lip synchronization empower animators to make high quality animations faster.


* Import media from templates, movies, photo collections, and more (SWF, AI, PSD, JPEG, TGA, GIF).
* Create artwork with powerful drawing tools as easy as working with pen and paper.
* Add sound (WAV, AIFF, MP3) and speed lip-synching with powerful lip sync analyzer.


* Move images in 3D space.
* Move, zoom, and pan the camera.
* Animate cut-out elements with transform tool.
* Automatically scale and rotate images through space and time.


* Export to Macromedia Flash (SWF), QuickTime, DV Stream, AVI, and image sequences.

Toon Boom Studio Express (beginners) and Toon Boom Solo (web/broadcast professionals) also available from the publisher:
Version 6.0:

* Convenient Skeleton Effect Layer in the timeline
* Useful Bone Level for segmenting and animating the character
* Easy setting of rotation, length and position of the bones
* Practical manipulation of the bones in the timeline
* Fast transformation of vector shapes
* Impressive transformation of pixmap textures
* More accurate region of influence to move objects
* Smart reuse of Bone templates on several characters
* Real-time preview of Bone Effect
* Full QuickTime export of Bone Effect
* Fast SWF export of Bone effect (Vector shapes only)
* Several software improvements and bug fixes
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