CorelCAD 2013 MacOSX

CorelCAD 2013 MacOSX

  • کاربرد : نرم افزار طراحی صنعتی
  • نسخه :Version 2013
  • نوع فایل : نرم افزار
  • زبان : انگلیسی
  • سیستم عامل : MAC OSX
  • تولید کننده : Corel Corporation
  • سال تولید : 2013


CorelCAD نرم افزار قدرتمند طراحی مهندسی از محصولات شرکت کورل است. این نرم افزار دارای ویژگی ها و ابزارهای با استاندارد صنعتی است. با استفاده از CorelCAD می توانید ایده های خود را با استفاده از ابزارهای طراحی دو بعدی و سه بعدی قابل تنظیم موجود در آن، با دقت پیاده سازی کنید. CorelCAD نرم افزاری در زمینه ی طراحی 2 بعدی و 3 بعدی قطعات صنعتی می باشد که قابلیت اجرا و ذخیره سازی پروژه های شما با فرمت DWG را دارا می باشد تا بدین وسیله بتوانید پروژهای خود را در سایر نرم افزار های هم گروه نیز مشاهده و ویرایش کنید. این نرم افزار یک راه حل طراحی native DWG CAD با ویژگی های عملکرد بالا است. یکی از قابلیت های نوآورانه این نرم افزار VoiceNotes است که برای شما امکان قرار دادن پیام ها و دستورالعمل های صوتی بر روی پروژه ها را فراهم خواهد کرد. در حقیقت نرم افزار CorelCAD راه حل هوشمندانه ای برای کار طراحی روزانه شماست که نیاز به دقت و جزئیات بسیار دارد.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار CorelCAD:
- امکان باز کردن، کار کردن و ذخیره سازی فایل های با فرمت DWG
- دارای ویژگی ها و ابزارهای با استاندارد صنعتی
- ایجاد سیستم های مختصات سفارشی
- قابلیت نمایش 3D
- ابزار مدل سازی 3D
- به اشتراک گذاری آسان فایل ها
- افزایش بهره وری شما
- امکان سفارشی سازی رابط کاربری
- و ...


Get a native DWG, high-performance CAD design solution - without the high price - with new CorelCAD. Open, work with and save files in DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners.

Be productive immediately in an environment filled with industry-standard features and tools. Communicate your ideas with precision using customizable 2D and 3D design tools. Innovative features like VoiceNotes let you add messages and instructions in your drawing, and CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER compatibility enhance collaboration.

CorelCAD is the smart solution for day-to-day design work that requires precision and detail. With native DWG file support, industry-standard CAD features, and customizable 2D and 3D design tools, it lets you work more productively, communicate ideas clearly and collaborate effectively. Discover the solution that makes high-level CAD design affordable - CorelCAD.

This application is a native DWG CAD design solution that also features high-performance.

Here are some key features of "CorelCAD":
- Native DWG files:
- Open, work with and save files in DWG format for worry-free collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners. CorelCAD uses DWG as its native file format and offers DXF and DWF support up to AutoCAD 2010 file format versions (used by AutoCAD 2010 – AutoCAD 2012).
- Industry-standard CAD features:
- Be productive immediately in an environment filled with familiar features and tools. CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs, so experienced users will feel comfortable with the familiar command bar, command aliases, and menu and toolbar items.
- Property docker:
- Work more efficiently with dockable toolbars, right-click shortcut menus and a Properties palette.
- Legacy file format support:
- Save drawings back to R12 DWG or DXF format to work with them on legacy hardware devices or using older software, and recover damaged DWG and DXF files in all format versions.
- Entity snaps:
- Use CorelCAD smart tools, such as entity snap, entity snap guides and polar guides to work faster.
- Properties palette:
- Manipulate entity attributes, such as layer, color, line style and more with the Properties palette or copy properties from other entities.
- Custom coordinates:
- Create custom coordinate systems to align the construction plane to drawing objects.
- 3D viewing capabilities:
- View 3D models from multiple viewpoints or roll them in 3D space interactively. Use Tiled Viewports to split a drawing into multiple view tiles and set them to display your 3D model in different views, such as front, right, top and isometric. Or choose Shaded view or Rendered view to change the display mode.
- 3D modeling tools:
- Add 3D solid primitives to your design and use Boolean operations to unite, intersect and subtract bodies.
- Easy file sharing:
- Collaborate and share more easily with colleagues and clients with support for leading formats, including PDF, SVG, and DWF.
- Collaborating in 3D:
- Open and work with 3D models with support for the ACIS model (.sat) file format. You can also save a 3D design to ACIS format to re-purpose it with the advanced visualization options in the Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite Add-On Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration CCE or to create high-quality technical illustrations with Corel DESIGNER (available separately).
- Extend your productivity:
- Take advantage of support for LISP and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) to create your own functions, routines and plug-ins in the CorelCAD automation interface.
- Interface customization:
- Create and store multiple configurations of the interface in user profiles - no programming knowledge required. Aliases for frequently used commands also help speed you through common tasks.
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