Digital Tutors - What is new in ZBrush 4

Digital Tutors - What is new in ZBrush 4

  • کاربرد : آموزش جامع نرم افزار ZBrush 4
  • نوع فایل : فیلم آموزشی
  • زبان : انگلیسی
  • سیستم عامل : Windows-Mac-Linux-Android-iOS
  • تولید کننده : Digital Tutors
  • سال تولید : 2010


In this series of ZBrush tutorials we'll explore some of the new features in ZBrush 4. With the release of Zbrush 4 a number of new features have been added that will make sculpting and painting even easier and more fun. In this course we will take a look at some of those new features and how they can be used in your workflow. We'll start by exploring some of the changes to the way we can interact with subtools. We will look at new brush settings like elasticity and topological masking that can help us to shape our models more quickly. We will take a look at the new Shadow Box and Clip Brushes that will really aid us in creating hard surface models. We will also cover Spotlight, a great tool for manipulating and adjusting images and projecting them onto our models. Finally we'll go over some of the new rendering functionality and look at the animation tools and how they can help us better present our models. Once done with the tutorials, you will have a much better idea of some of the new features to look for in Zbrush 4 and how you can start to use those in your own projects.

بخش های فایل

این فایل شامل 16 بخش می باشد که بخش های آن به صورت جداگانه در زیر آمده است.
Row Title Format Size Play Download
01 - فیلم های آموزشی
1 01. Introduction and project overview 3.90 MB DOWNLOAD
2 02. Updated Subtool workflow 16.93 MB DOWNLOAD
3 03. Elasticity and Topological brush settings 13.83 MB DOWNLOAD
4 04. Polypainting with Layers 10.54 MB DOWNLOAD
5 05. Modeling with ShadowBox 16.72 MB DOWNLOAD
6 06. Using the Clip Brushes 9.63 MB DOWNLOAD
7 07. Using the Match Maker Brush 9.09 MB DOWNLOAD
8 08. Working with Spotlight 19.65 MB DOWNLOAD
9 09. Using the Best-Preview Render 6.99 MB DOWNLOAD
10 10. Rendering sub-surface scattering 10.36 MB DOWNLOAD
11 11. Rendering transparency 6.25 MB DOWNLOAD
12 12. Working with Mannequins 10.92 MB DOWNLOAD
13 13. Using the animation tools 14.36 MB DOWNLOAD
14 14. Saving ZProjects 7.35 MB DOWNLOAD
15 15. Using GoZ to work with other applications 39.29 MB DOWNLOAD
02 - فایل های تمرینی
16 project_files 343.57 MB DOWNLOAD
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