Digital Tutors - Your First Day in ZBrush

Digital Tutors - Your First Day in ZBrush

  • کاربرد : آموزش مقدماتی نرم افزار Zbrush
  • نوع فایل : فیلم آموزشی
  • زبان : انگلیسی
  • سیستم عامل : Windows-Mac-Linux-Android-iOS
  • تولید کننده : Digital Tutors
  • سال تولید : 2014


When learning a new software package, sometimes it's good to just jump in with both feet and create something. In this tutorial we'll do just that as we create a little creature from base geometry to finished painted sculpt.

We'll cover methods of working with geometry. We'll learn to shape and sculpt our mesh. We'll add high-frequency detail using layers and talk about creating UVs. We'll also paint a texture for our creature and learn to use photographs to add to those textures.

This step-by-step tutorial is designed to be a quick look at ZBrush to allow you to get the feel of working on a whole project, without bogging down in the details of the interface or blasting you with every workflow possibility. Once you're done, we encourage you to go deeper with the Introduction to ZBrush, Quick Start to ZBrush, or any of our project based tutorials.

بخش های فایل

این فایل شامل 15 بخش می باشد که بخش های آن به صورت جداگانه در زیر آمده است.
Row Title Format Size Play Download
01 - فیلم های آموزشی
1 01. Introduction and project overview 7.34 MB DOWNLOAD
2 02. Creating geometry from zspheres 44.59 MB DOWNLOAD
3 03. Adding features with DynaMesh 49.82 MB DOWNLOAD
4 04. Creating the final base mesh 35.86 MB DOWNLOAD
5 05. Appending geometry 43.11 MB DOWNLOAD
6 06. Sculpting the character 74.40 MB DOWNLOAD
7 07. Adding high-frequency skin detail 56.98 MB DOWNLOAD
8 08. Posing the character 29.44 MB DOWNLOAD
9 09. Adding detail with layers 33.63 MB DOWNLOAD
10 10. Working with materials and lights 48.19 MB DOWNLOAD
11 11. Polypainting the character 63.87 MB DOWNLOAD
12 12. Painting using Spotlight 51.44 MB DOWNLOAD
13 13. Creating UVs 42.36 MB DOWNLOAD
14 14. Output options 20.89 MB DOWNLOAD
02 - فایل های تمرینی
15 Project_Files 382.69 MB DOWNLOAD
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